SEO / Search Engine Optimization

The following are primarily brief summaries in outline form, intended to give you a quick, easy look at some of the factors that may be taken under consideration for scoring. Please don't take it to mean that all have to be used. Moderation is always the safer, more sensible way.

Beginners Quick-Start Guide to SEO

Note: Detailed information and "articles" will be added throughout the Fall months to flesh out the content in this section and make those pointers clearer. But since search algos change all the time, it's not possible at any given time to say exactly what's working or isn't. What works today may not work next week or after the next update.

The best way to keep up with what the search engines are currently using for rankings is to examine the top 10-20 search results with those pointers in mind, to see first hand what seems to have more or less importance at the moment. Being able to dissect and analyze are really the most important skills to acquire, and are a reliable, valuable personal skillset that's long lasting over time.

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