Search Engine Optimization: Sitewide Factors

Keyword Research, Evaluation & Selection

  • Popularity, frequency of searches
  • Competitive analysis
  • Single keywords
  • Multiple-word phrases
  • Synonyms
  • Mis-spellings

Determine the Site Theme

  • Determine the broadest general descriptive term
  • Identify sub-themes

Domain Names and Selection

  • Company name, branding vs. keyword domains
  • Hyphens in domain names - yes or no?
  • Using and managing multiple domain names

Structuring the Navigation:
Planning the Internal Linking Structure

  • Hierarchical structure based on keyword analysis & selection
  • All in root vs. use of /subdirectories/
  • Directory and page file names: hyphens, underscores or run-ons
  • Usability & search engine friendliness
  • Ease of site maintenance
  • Consistent and easy for users to understand and follow
  • Routing traffic and conversion factors
  • Seasonal factors
  • Links in common navigation / links in body text
  • Other SEO considerations
  • Internal Page Rank distribution

Navigation Elements

  • Types of navigation
    * Text navigation
    * Graphics
    * Site maps
    * Dropdown lists
    * Javascript navigation
  • Integration of sections and pages into whole site navigation
  • Format and location of global navigation
  • Format and location of sectional navigation