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Webmaster Woman is dedicated to the lives, goals and dreams of women who work on the web and who use the web either for facets of their lives, in their lives, or as part of their work. It's by a woman and for women - the primary reason for its being. Because there is life beyond the web, and there is a world of career opportunities for women's lives to be improved and enriched, as well as there being a lot on the web that relates to the lives of women specifically.

Search Engine White Papers and Patents

This section is not about SEO, but is for the purpose of providing a reasonably comprehensive source of resources about search technology and the disciplines and topics that relate to it, including white papers, academic papers and patents issued. Generally, there's a particularly high interest on the topics covered in both the granted and published applications for Google Patents.

Internet Marketing and Promotion

Brief articles and insights concerning marketing and promotion in general, with a particular emphasis on providing information and resources related to the promotion and marketing of websites, both off line and online, including SEO and online promotion methods other than SEO.

Web Design and Development

Not "technically" about web design as such, this section is intended to cover web design topics only insofar as they relate to web site promotion and marketing, and relevant issues related to search engine indexing and optimization.

SEO / Search Engine Optimization

Information, articles and resources on search engine optimization.