Seasonal Update Calendar



Preparations & Updates

January New Years Day
Martin Luther King Day
St. Patrick's Day preparations
Start on Bridal showers & bridal jewelry
Last minute Valentine's Day updates
February Valentine's Day Spring Holidays & apparel
Begin wedding, graduation & Mother's Day
March St. Patrick's Day Get ready for Father's Day, graduations
April Easter
Prepare for summer activities & apparel
May Mother's Day
Cinco de Mayo
Continue summer updates
Freshen up for summer products
Finish up June occasions
June Father's Day
Review and prune discontinued and dead links on Fall and Winter Holiday pages
July 4th of July Back to school preparations underway
Stock Fall apparel, September occasions
August Back to School Back to school sales
Start Halloween & Thanksgiving
September Labor Day
Jewish High Holy Days
Begin Christmas Updates, continue Halloween and Thanksgiving
October Halloween Continue Thanksgiving, Christmas and Hannukah updates
November Thanksgiving Remove Halloweed emphasis, do updates for last-minute merchant Holiday promotions for December


Dec. 20th: Start taking down Christmas promotions
Start on January sales & clearances
Valentine's Day preparations
Begin preparations for Spring Holidays