Yahoo Search Engine

Includes search publications at Yahoo Labs, or white papers authored or co-authored by people on staff at Yahoo Search.

Yahoo Research Labs
Yahoo's think tank, where they announce new staff appointments and innovative research and features being introduced.


Systems and methods for search processing using superunits
U. S. Patent No. 20050080795, granted to Yahoo, Inc. April 14, 2005

Discussion at Cre8asite Forums:
Yahoo! Superunits: of signatures and co-occurrence

Variable Latent Semantic Indexing
Available at Yahoo Research publications only by email request, this paper is published at the Cornell University site, but was not available at the time of this page being updated.

Sorry, but all we have now is the HTML version in the Google cache. Hopefully the PDF will soon be available. It's a short paper and a good read. This PDF on Variable LSI appears to be a series of slides, and reads differently from the regular 8 page text version, but the presentation is interesting and understandable.

Discovering Large Dense Subgraphs in Massive Graphs
Note: according to the third paragraph in the Abstract at the beginning of this document, one of the effects of this algorithm is to be able to detect search engine link spam.