Other Miscellaneous Search and Algorithm Papers

Algorithms in the Real World: Indexing and Searching
A concise summary of search algorithm factors in outline form, with a brief list of research resources.

Stanford University Computer Science Department

Stanford University Information Science Document Server

The Stanford WebBase Project

Lillian Lee Collection of Links to Papers
At Cornell University

Web Structure Analysis
Resource list at Brian Davison's site at Rutgers University

Integrating Content Search with Structure Analysis for Hypermedia Retrieval and Management

Silk from a Sow's Ear: Extracting Usable Structures from the Web
Functional categories of pages. (Older paper)

Using Web Structure for Classifying and Identifying Web Pages

SETS: Search Enhanced by Topic Segmentation
Paper at Stanford University document server.

Use of WordNet in Information Retrieval

tf*idf / Term Frequency - Inverse Document Frequency

Basic Tutorial on Information Retrieval
Entry level university class tutorial that assumes some mathematical familiarity, but which includes a fairly clear explanation of TF/IDF.