Web Design Resources

Color Chart: 500 Named Colors
This is the most comprehensive color chart I've ever seen, with a huge number of named colors in every variation imaginable. Also included are the RGB values

PHP Tutorials and Documentation

PHP.net (The official documentation for the language)

Introduction to PHP at W3Schools
These are simple, basic tutorials that are all online, and in many topics you can test things out interactively to see how they work.

Scripts, Snippets and Code Libraries

These are collections of scripts that are open source (free to use). Included are Perl, CGI and PHP Scripts and several other languages as well. Hotscripts also includes commercial scripts that are charged for, most of them very reasonably priced.




Apache Web Server

Apache Software Foundation
This is the official Apache website, which is open source and the most widely used server software.

Hosting Services

Dedicated Hosting
Ace Hosts is web hosting provider that offers dedicated and semi-dedicated Intel and AMD hosting packages.